Barefoot Trampling

Mistresses trampling their slaves

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Goddess Gabriella, mistress Cleo and mistress Scarlet all wanted to dominate these guys and to teach them a lesson that no one had ever taught them. The mistresses were bored and that was their primary reason to do it but they made the guys think that they had done something wrong and that was why they were being punished. It worked for the mistresses and was a lot of fun.

Mistress Electra was not going to let anyone be insensitive to her and that is why she chose to use her bare foot trampling fetish to do it. The mistress chose to crush his head and then work her way down to his toes. And when she was done with it, she chose to use her feet to teach him a lesson. He never messed up again after what she did to him.

Madam Mysteria wanted to dominate this guy for being insecure and she did it in a way he had never felt before. The mistress chose to teach the guy a lesson and she did it with her bare feet. He was trampled and crushed from head to toe by the mistress until he could not take it anymore and he peed his pants. She then stopped as she felt she had done enough.

Lady Nataly felt that the best way to humiliate this guy was to trample him. He was out of shape and she felt that she would be doing him a favor by doing so. So she went ahead and did it and she laughed as he cried and tried to beg her to stop. He could not imagine it and he regretted what he had done to piss the mistress off.

Madame Carla wanted this guy to stop misleading her and that is why she used her bare feet to teach him a lesson. It had to be a lesson no one had ever taught him before and that is why she chose to crush and stomp on him. In addition, she used her sexy ass to tease him and deny him at the same time. So it was like a double punishment.

When madam Mysteria realized that her boyfriend had forgotten their anniversary, she was pissed and she felt that she had to dominate him for it. She did not like what he had done and how he had done it. That is why she chose to punish the guy with her barefoot trampling fetish. As she stomped on him, he nearly shit himself as he had never experienced that kind of pain before.

This mistress wanted this girl to know that her man was out of bounds for other females and that she did not appreciate how the girl was trying to hit on her man. Things had to change and she was not going to beg the girl to change. She had to do it as soon as possible and the mistress ensured it happened by crushing him and trampling him with bare feet.

This slave needed someone to pump some sense into his head and that is why she chose to do it in the manner in which she did. The mistress cruelly forced him to lick her feet and also endure having her smother and stomp his head. He was lucky that she did it with her bare feet and not with her shoes or even with her boots as she wanted to.

Mistress Electra needed to send this guy a message that he would not forget. The mistress had to make sure that she taught him a lesson and she made sure that the guy was not only in pain as well as humiliated. The mistress used bare feet to trample and torture him. He cried and thought that she would be sympathetic but she was not and she went on dominating him.

Lady Scarlet felt that this guy was dumb and she did not want to continue talking to him as she felt that she was getting dumber as she spoke to him. That is why she opted to cruelly trample him and she did not care what she felt as she did it. He learned his lesson the painful way and he took the initiative to continue educating himself to better himself.

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